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digital marketing is an effective source of business promotion through online presence, social interaction. customers are now disclosed not just to what your company says about your brand, but what the media, friends, relatives, etc., are saying as well.

iconcept llc is a digital marketing agency based in dubai with a branch office in kochi, india. we provide specialized services in search engine optimization, pay per click, social media marketing, email marketing, web banner creation, video marketing and complete digital marketing services. we are catering to our clients all over the world.

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search engine optimization

In these very moment thousands of potential customers looking for your product online and choosing your competitors. So how do you make your valuable clients choose you with our help?

We will build a suitable promotional strategy based on

  • Competitors’ analysis
  • Choosing bestselling keywords
  • Adapt your website
  • Create backlinks
  • promote it on search engine
  • Improve your website’s conversion rates.

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Social Media Marketing

Over the last few years social media has completely changed the internet, actually its changed the whole world and also the world of marketing, so what are the reasons for your business to start utilizing these new forms of communications as soon as possible.

These are the 7 most important ones:

  • Showcase your brand
  • Develop a loyal community
  • Develop a loyal community
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Increase digital exposure
  • Boost traffic and Search Engine Ratings
  • Expand Sales and reach new audience
  • Cut Marketing Cost

social media marketing

Email Marketing

We create and send your message out to your customers

Why should your business use e-mail marketing?

Email is the tool that everyone uses today, its great way to contact your current and potential customers and promote your business by sending out newsletters. You can sent these newsletters out monthly, weekly or what every frequency you think is appropriate, but important part is consistency. You need to give your customers a reason to receive your newsletter. One of the easiest way to make your customers want to receive you newsletter is by including discount codes or coupons. This normally give your customers incentive who wants to receive your newsletter. Email marketing is the great form of advertisement in a great way to keep in contact with your customers.

However it can be time consuming and tricky to setup if you are not sure what you want to do and that’s why we are in the scene. iConcept LLC is specialized in content making and email marketing. We will provide you with excellent customer service as we intelligently help your business soar to the top

Video Marketing

Basically there is 2 major steps in every business Attraction and Conversion you need to attract the visitor and convert them into a paying customer and videos can significantly help with both steps.


Imagine there is an online visitor come across your website, there is plenty of text and images explaining what you do and how great your products or services are but that’s not the really great way to grab your visitor’s attention, after reading one or two minutes they will simply leave the site bored and you’ve lost your potential customer forever. Now let’s see instead of boarding text you got one or two minute’s video explaining all the important stuffs in a short and memorable format that viewers can actually enjoy.


70% of market is report the video converts better than any other content types because your prospects can see what you do or sell, getting more detailed, information leads them to making confidence decisions also videos stand out from the crowd and strengthen the brand’s trustworthiness.

We can suggest you the best video strategy for your business and produce it from start to finish and help you to promote it.

Video Marketing
  • Corporate Film production
  • Explainer video production
  • TV commercials production
  • Event Video & Photo Shoot
  • Documentary video production
  • 2D & 3D Animation
  • Video brochure creation

Pay per Click advertising

Sometime even best SEO strategy is just not enough, the keyword that you wanted to optimize for could be facing really some tough competitions and it simply unable to make it to the top results. You could use PPC (pay per click) even if your SEO is not strong enough, your link can appear in search result page. Thanks to PPC ads and because you are going to pay per click. This form of advertising is very effective.

Only people who are interested in your offer will click on the ads and you only pay for these relevant visitors.

iConcept LLC can manage these PPC (pay per click) ads and bring more customers. Our PPC strategy not only involved keyword research, scheduling and budgeting, but also we can help with wright ad text, landing page and the overall settings.

Another reason for hiring us is that we constantly track, analyze and evaluate all active campaigns to refine and improve the results.

Pay Per Click Advertising

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